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Smoky Quartz Point Pendant in Rose Gold

Smoky Quartz Point Pendant in Rose Gold

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This item is currently on display and available for purchase in person at Pacific Artists Co-op Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Due to the fact it is available for sale in another location, there is a risk it will sell before you make your purchase. If this happens, I will promptly refund your full purchase price.


This is a deep brown Smoky Quartz point encased in a geometric cage. The Rose Gold-Fill wire captures the stone and creates the bail in a continuous flow that is secure for the stone as well leaving almost all of the stone visible.   This is a perfect piece for every day or you can save it for a dressy occasion.  It really is good for anything!


About the Stone:
This stone helps with overcoming fears as well as boosting courage. The Be Brave collection actually is inspired by Smoky Quartz and its characteristics.  Smoky Quartz is often connected with cleansing and clearing negative energy. It is said to be grounding and is also a great stone to have with you in the workplace or office. I've always kept one on my desks (and near my computers!).  

No matter why you wear this crystal pendant, I hope you will enjoy this beautiful pendant for years to come.  


Dimensions and Details:

Materials: Smoky Quartz Point, Rose Gold-Fill

Height: 3"

Width: 3/4"

This pendant comes with a complimentary 20” Chain (Rose Gold Colored).  



Additional options are:

118” Chain (Rose Gold Colored)

20” Chain (Rose Gold Colored)

24” Chain (Rose Gold Colored)

18"-22" Adjustable Chain (Rose Gold Colored)


About Gold Fill:

All of our yellow and rose gold items are created with a high-quality 14/20 Gold Fill wire.  This allows us to offer a premium product at a reasonable price.  Gold Fill is created by pressure bonding a layer of gold to a base metal, usually brass.  We work with wire that has at least a 5% (1/20th) total weight of 14k solid gold.  It will not flake or chip like a plated material and will wear and age just like solid gold.  Our wire is hypoallergenic and nickel free. 

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